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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quinnipiac's School of Communications Innovates for Students

Quinnipiac University's School of Communications has some big changes for the 2015-2016 academic year, in personnel and to the curriculum, which are designed to continue to improve and innovate for our students. 

The Dean of the School of Communications, Lee Kamlet, is very happy with the new majors that have been added to the existing majors in the School of Communications.

 "Two new majors have been added to our program.  Interactive Digital Design has moved over from the College of Arts and Sciences.  Digital design is becoming a fundamental skill about which all communications majors must have a working knowledge.  In fact, the faculty is working on changes to our core curriculum to incorporate digital design and visual literacy to ensure that going forward, all students in the School of Communications have an understanding of the importance of visual design."
Advertising has also moved to the School of Communications from the School of Business and been refocused as Advertising and Integrated Communications.
 "It has been renamed and the curriculum revamped to reflect the change in the industry.  [The major] now includes the creative side of advertising, and also incorporates the use of social and paid media and public relations in an overall campaign strategy".
Photo courtesy of Dana Rosengard

In addition to these curriculum changes, there is a new member of the School of Communications' administrative team.  Assistant Dean for Career Development, Dana Rosengard, brings to the position both professional and academic credentials.  He received a PhD in Communications from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill as well as a Master's degree in Education from Johnson State College.  He has taught in several journalism and communications programs, most recently at Suffolk University and Emerson College in Boston.

Professionally, Dr. Rosengard has been a reporter, news anchor and producer.  He reflected on his career and uses his experiences with Quinnipiac students. 
 "When I started in news reporting, I had the opportunity to sit at an assignment desk to gain insight into the broadcast news industry.  As I was sitting and observing, I saw a number of people sitting at desks and asked what they were doing, the answer was that they were the producers.  I was an average anchor, but it turned out that I was a great producer.  I tell the students not to put on the blinders when making decisions so that they will be able to consider all opportunities for their careers."
Dr. Rosengard considers his role in Career Development as a "guide" for students.
"I tell the students that they are going to drive the bus.  I will lead them to the parking lot and help them find which bus they want, but then they have to take it from there."

LinkedIn recently developed college rankings based on the job outcomes of 300 million college graduates from around the world and Quinnipiac was ranked #7 in the Best Universities for Media Professionals category. Dr. Rosengard will continue to build on this success with current students who will benefit from the wealth of knowledge, experience and resources that Dr. Rosengard brings to the career development office.

We are hosting our final Open House of the fall season on Saturday, November 14.  We look forward to seeing many high school seniors as well as high school juniors at the event, which is a perfect opportunity to visit campus, meet current students and faculty, and explore your options. Register Today!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Settling in to the Fall Semester

The fall travel season is well underway for our admissions counselors.  Our counselors are visiting schools across the Northeast and beyond to meet families and students who will be applying for fall 2016 or those who are high school juniors beginning their college search.  There are a number of opportunities to meet Quinnipiac representatives this fall. 

Our first fall Open House was well-attended and students and their families enjoyed the lovely weather and the opportunity to meet faculty and staff on all three campuses.  We have two more Open Houses remaining this fall, Saturday October 17 and Saturday November 14. 

The lower level of the Center for Communications and Engineering, home to our engineering labs has been a very busy location for most of the summer and early fall.  Huge boxes have arrived and been unpacked and the Engineering students and professors have been busy experimenting with their new "toys".  You never know what you may find when you visit, perhaps a 3D printer generating pieces that could be assembled into a prosthetic hand, or a simulation of the impact of water on a bridge.  Our Engineering students were profiled in the summer edition of Quinnipiac Magazine.

Inside or out these students are continually experimenting with the concepts they will be studying throughout their four years at Quinnipiac.  These photos taken by Alyssa Tunney, one of our Admissions Ambassadors depict one of our introductory engineering classes.  The students were given the task of analyzing, building and testing a pressure rocket.  They were provided with a 2 liter bottle and asked to create this rocket along with a program that would adjust the parameters of its flight.
It's perfect weather for these activities and everyone is taking advantage of fall in New England. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back To the Business of Educating Students

Quinnipiac Welcome Weekend 2015 courtesy of YouTube

Here we are already in the third week of the semester.  Activities and classes are well under way and the Undergraduate Admissions staff has already started traveling throughout the country and abroad to meet the next group of high school seniors who are considering Quinnipiac as a destination for the fall of 2016.

We have introduced a new First Year Seminar that focuses on Inquiry.  The summer reading was "A More Beautiful Question" written by Warren Berger.  Berger's book highlights the role that asking questions plays in the development of breakthrough ideas.  Freshman are expected to develop their own guiding question that will help them to begin their academic journey and assist them in choosing courses and co-curricular activities that will lead them to their personal quest for their education at Quinnipiac.

In keeping with the theme of inquiry, I asked some of our student workers a question, What advice would you give to your freshman self?

Pat- Media Studies major,'16- "Appreciate every single moment because four years go by so fast.  Push yourself, it's better to get overinvolved at first than to miss out on opportunities."

Lauren- OT Major, '17- "Don't procrastinate.  I had to learn that lesson early on."

Steven, DPT major '16- "Get more involved.  And work hard early so you can relax later." 

Jamie, Nursing major '16- "Study Abroad!  My biggest regret is not planning better to be able to do this."

Hannah Psychology major '16- "Go into as many open doors as possible your first week on campus.  That's how you meet people."

And finally, from Caroline Gaudet, our Graduate Assistant and first year resident assistant-
"Be open to new experiences and new ways."

We look forward to meeting students who are looking to ask us questions on the Quinnipiac experience by visiting us at our Open Houses, Information Sessions or Informational Interviews.